Movie, Munch & Mingle

Sharing the Off the Mat conversation with your community begins with a series of informal ‘Movie, Munch & Mingle’ nights at local yoga studios and/or community venues. These evenings are affordable ($15 per person), fun, casual, and inspiring. These gatherings give people a chance to share some food and talk about things that matter. 

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A Night Of Conscious Activism 

This event draws together people who are already engaged in – or curious about – conscious activism. The night involves a
yoga sessions, a delicious feast,
a panel of inspirational change makers, and a ‘World Café’, which is a unique way of generating change-making conversations in large groups. It's invite-only as we have limited capacity, and we try to get a mixture of people across different sectors to encourage cross- pollination of ideas, experience and energy. 

Embody Your Purpose – 1 Day Workshop

Embody Your Purpose asks participants how they bring about positive change in their own lives and that of the wider community. The day combines audacious questions, experiential exercises, yoga postures, mindfulness techniques, group discussions, guided relaxation and self-reflection to help participants clarify their passion, purpose, vision and path. The day starts to offer tools, motivation and community to live a more purposeful, courageous and meaningful life. No previous yoga experience is required. 

Yoga In Action – 7 Week Course

These 7-week groups are an opportunity to build community around yoga and service, develop relationships with other yoga practitioners and activists and collaborate on creating real change. The program runs for 4 - 5 hours once a week for seven weeks, which establishes a strong community, and provides the time and the tools to plan and ignite change projects that are both sustainable and conscious.