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There is a growing understanding that yoga and yoga teachers are beautifully placed to help deliver much needed positive change outcomes.  Embodiment, full focus, an understanding of oneness and a strong belief in the mutability ofcircumstance are the tools of trade available to yogis. 

Join us in co-creating a better time here on planet earth . Donot ask what Off the Mat , Into the World can do for youbut what you can do for Off the mat, Into the World … 

BUT...just in case you DO ask : 

  • You will be offered a one hour mentoring session with one of our committee members to talk about where you are in your life vis a vis service ..either by Skype or over tea. 
  • You will be introduced and linked to the Off the Mat Community Leadership group in your local area. If there is not yet an Off the Mat group in your area we will help you make one .  
  • You will be placed on our newsletter list to receive an update every three months. 
  • You will receive 10% discount on our workshops, events(and hoodies!) . 
  • You will be welcomed into a community with a strong vision for yoga in this country and asked to lend your heartfelt desires and unbounded energy for change into the mix…