Ann Marie Johnston

Ann Marie Johnston


Ann Marie Johnston is the founding Director of YogaMate, a global platform sharing the depth, breadth and healing application of Yoga. After completing her 500-hour teacher training in 2013, Ann Marie wanted to ‘give back’ through Yoga, but struggled to find a local Yogic charity in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Not long after, she had the idea of creating a digital platform that helps new Yoga teachers create and track their class plans. Over the next two years, (particularly after seeing how ‘Yoga’ is portrayed on social media), Ann Marie expanded the concept further to ensure YogaMate provided resources and tools for those teaching one-to-one and therapeutic yoga. Today YogaMate provides evidence-informed resources for the community along with tools that help Yoga Professionals inspire, connect and share Yoga (class planning/sequencing, self-publishing and marketing tools along with a directory for yoga professionals, businesses and charities). The website launched to yoga professionals in October 2016, and Ann Marie plans to market the website to students and the health-care community come late Dec 2016. There are still opportunities to contribute content towards the platform and YogaMate provides complimentary listings for Yogic charities and Yoga Professionals with 500+ hours qualification.  To learn more and create your free Profile(s) go to:

How does your project take the values of Yoga off the Mat and into the World?

YogaMate helps take the values of yoga off the mat and into the world in a number of ways. Firstly – it helps expand awareness of the depth and breadth of Yoga – particularly in regards to the ‘other’ aspects of yoga (pranayama, meditation, relaxation, mindful living), beyond asana. YogaMate helps teachers connect with the students and share their practice so that it can inform a student in how to take their yoga into their daily lives. ‘Yoga’ isn’t just something that we do once a week at a studio; with consistent home practice, yoga can play an integral part in our health and wellbeing. YogaMate helps give students the confidence to practice from home.

Furthermore, it helps students and teachers connect with yogic charities that are giving back to their community through yoga. 

How can the community get involved?

YogaMate provides community resources and a complimentary profile for yoga teachers.  Off the Mat folk can have a look at the website ( and create a free profile.  When they create their profile, they’ll get a 10-day trial upgrade to YogaMate Pro (and gain access to all of YogaMate’s tools and resources).  Should they wish to keep a YogaMate Pro subscription at the end of the 10 day trial, I’ve created a 10% discount for Off the Mat (off the already reduced launch price.  They can use the code: OffTheMat2016

Otherwise, they’ll retain their complimentary profile and access to YogaMate’s community resources.


Where I hope Off the Mat members can particularly become involved– those that have yogic charities in Australia can create a complimentary charity profile on YogaMate (they first need to set up their Professional profile, then they can link a charity to their account). Once their professional profile is created they can select ‘Add a Charity’ from their Account Management area to create a charity profile.