Harley Van Valen

Harley Van Valen

After completing film school in 2001 at the Academy of Photogenic Arts in Artarmon, majoring in production and cinematography, Harley Van Valen started working in film before taking a major journey from New York City to Rio De Janeiro. He shot a film during this time called One Drum. From Harley’s blog:

On September 13th, 2007 we’re driving out of New York City on an adventure through Central and South America, en-route to Rio De Janeiro.

Aside from making it there in one piece, our journey is about the experience of new cultures, following our hearts and living life the way we want to.

The world is in a fragile state and we feel we must make an effort to give back to the earth by living consciously, sharing love, life and happiness, to ensure the positive development of our planet.

The film was completed in 2013 and in 2017, Yoga Hive will be going on another epic journey up and down the east coast of NSW and into the Gold Coast to screen the movie at various locations. Meet Harley and watch the film at these locations.


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