Phil Dickson

Phil Dickinson

Yoga For Nature is a social enterprise committed to the realisation that yoga can transform both the individual and the world we live in.

Reflecting on eastern philosophy and living by the values of Karma (action), Sangha (community) and Ahimsa (love), we collaborate with yogis all over the world to bring about social transformation and a mindful path to conservation & living sustainably.

With the support of yoga studios, the proceeds from a weekly Yoga For Nature class enable us to create inspiring films and award production grants to people working in conservation. In the spirit of Dharma, our content is designed to celebrate life and inspire yogis to be inspirational stewards of the world.

Q: How does Yoga for Nature take the values of yoga off the mat and into the world?

Asana definitely has its place in the studio environment and thankfully there's heaps of room for everyone, but the other aspects of Yoga that are concerned with our connection to the earth and all of humanity really stand to benefit from these same communities. So Yoga For Nature asks studios to commit one class in their schedule, so students have an opportunity to reflect on the values of yoga and make a difference. The neat thing is, it happens while we're on and off the mat. Whether you're in downward dog at 6a.m or have rushed off to work, your Yoga practice is creating a more fair and compassionate world.

Q: How can the community get involved in your project?

Yogis can get involved by:

  1. Suggesting their studio places a Yoga For Nature class in the schedule, so their practice starts contributing to change.
  2. Hold a fundraiser or a donation class to help fund one of our campaigns.
  3. Become a Yoga For Nature Worldwide Ambassador, engaging with our content and sharing it on social media.
  4. #yogafornature when you stop drop and do yoga or connect with nature.
  5. Most importantly, when you take action yourselves, let us know, so we can make sure your practice inspires others.