Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes


OTM region?
South Coast, NSW

Style of yoga?
I believe there' is only one yoga, and that is union with the divine!! But there are many way to get there... I practice Vinyasa. 

Favourite yoga pose and why?
Savasana – by dying at the end of each practice it helps me to embrace life and live more fully. 

Tell us something people may not know about you?
I love dashies!! I have 2 daschunds Chloe and Rusty who are spoilt rotten.

Also, I recently bought our local health food shop. Good quality organic Food is really important to me and we have community yoga classes and health and cooking workshops. 

I’d love to invite you to come and check out Manic Organic or join me in class at Ray of Light anytime you are over this way.

What issue/s are you most passionate about off the mat?
I'm passionate about making the yoga practice in whatever form it takes – accesible to every body, including but not limited to people with chronic illness, disabilities and refugees. 

How has OTM provided you with the tools to be active around this issue?
Through OTM I've linked in with a caring and empowering group of like-minded people who have helped me discover what I'm passionate about and how to put this into action. I've improved my leadership skills and confidence whilst being in my own community. 

What do you hope for?
I hope that one day yoga will be part of the medicare system and mainstream health care, accessible to all. 

What has being in the OTM community brought to your life? 
Community, support and a sense of belonging. I sense that someone has my back if I need them.